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    Helping startups establish foothold and beyond

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    ActnerLab is the action partner
    for your success !

    ActnerLab is global startup accelerator helping
    startups bring disruptive hardware technologies to market.

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    If you have beta product
    with great team,
    it is time to act with us !

    ActnerLab offers global program to help
    early startups in future areas such as wearables,
    IoT, connected car and healthcare
    from successful production to global funding.


ActnerLab is a startup accelerator that helps hardware startups establish their initial foothold and our accelerator program works in cooperation with Lab IX of Silicon Valley to help manage Korea’s finest startups from their earliest foundations and continuing into their successful globalization.

ActnerLab makes it possible for entrepreneurs to manufacture prototypes directly, turning their innovative ideas into exciting reality.

Along with our fast prototyping resources, ActnerLab offers a startup education program that will serve to strengthen any startup’s base.

ActnerLab is the action partner for your success !

NEMIC(New England Medical Innovation Center)

The NEMIC is located in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, as MedTech Venture Hub. It is a global accelerator provides services such as, education, funding connections, and expert advisory expertise, etc. to biomedical innovators and entrepreneurs

NEMIC is one of Actner Lab's main American partners, since 2017, Have supported promising biotechnology companies in Actner Lab with network collaboration through local partnerships, local conference meet-up events, and acceleration programs such as company and institution visits, and angel investor

Have an excellent network of homes and provide Actner Lab startups with professional mentor matching and investment attraction opportunities.

  • Mentoring program of local industry-university-research network industry and experts
  • Linking with investors in the bio-healthcare sector
  • Application technology support program based on market insight across various industries
  • Supporting global networking ecosystems, including the United States

Startups participating in ActnerLab's program will have the opportunity to participate in the NEMIC Accelerating Program in Providence, eastern United States.

Zhongguancun Dongsheng Science Park

Zhongguancun Dongsheng Science Park, located in Beijing, was opened in May 2009 as a pilot complex that introduced the most advanced ideology within the Zhongguancun complex in the high-tech industrial complex, which was first supported by the Chinese government in 1988. With an area of about 1.2 million square meters, it is the best science park in China, equipped with spaces and systems for foreign entrepreneurs.

As a national-level startup incubator, we are building the best startup ecosystem platform in China equipped with a business environment such as accelerators, high-tech industrial R&D, and comprehensive services.

Actner Lab is Korea's only private accelerator cooperation organization in Zhongguancun Dongsheng Science Park and it connects networks with Beijing and Shenzhen, China, and provides various accelerating programs and investment opportunities.

  • Provide local start-up space, support for start-up, provide human exchange, provide local industry-university-research network, industry and expert mentoring program
  • Support for investment in technology and services and participation in international startup IR competitions
  • Networking ecosystem support for entering the Chinese market

Startups participating in ActnerLab's program will have the opportunity to participate in the Zhongguancun Dongsheng Science Park Accelerating Program in Beijing, China.